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View the data sheet about IT logistic field

LDI Logistic Group develops for the I.T. industry an accurate logistics created on the basis of years of experience in the field.

The whole activity is, in fact, carried out in a specific building, wholly dedicated to the management of the newest electronics and computer products. The plant can boast not only logistics spaces reserved for these particular products, but also a special hi-tech-laboratory, with the most modern equipment for testing and quality control activities, the assembly of add-on components, the generation of master disks, the installation of hardware and software components, the setting of connecting parameters for devices and much more.

The target of this organization is to offer, through a single operational structure, the control over the whole cycle. The worked equipments (configured and customized), in fact, are shipped daily from our center to platforms, where technicians are responsible for installation, testing, the possible return of the obsolete, the help desk services and the assistance on demand.

Among the main services developed for the I.T. industry:

  • Assembly of add-on components (ram, master disks, etc.)

  • Control of the correct working of equipments

  • Generation of master disks

  • Loading of software

  • Creation of recovery CD and DVD media

  • Settings of parameters for the connection of printers

  • Creation of label for Asset and Ship to

  • Data processing registration

  • Transport Devices output (DDT)

  • Quality reports

  • Management of returned parts

  • Possible collection and disposal of obsolete

  • Help desk and call center services

  • On-site installation

  • Assistance and technical maintenance presence

  • 360 degree computer supply with roll-out and Fleet Management with dedicated facilities

    (over 6,000 sqm with Multifunctional Laboratory) and highly specialized (staging services,

    software customization, on-site technical assistance and hardware supply with top partners)

For more info:
Tel: 06 911471

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