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Who we are | LDI in SOCIAL

The success of a Company is measured also according to the contribution it brings to the development and to the growth of the most disadvantaged realities, both near or far. Therefore, since the beginning of its activity LDI Logistic Group has had a special attention for the territory, that led it to promote initiatives aimed at improving the citizens’ life.

For the same reason, in its more than thirty years of activity LDI endorsed or supported right causes and programs committed to bring hope and wealth where they're more needed in the world. Recently - for example – LDI made its services available to MMIA ONLUS (Doctors and Masters in Adoption). For ten years, it has been supporting the humanitarian missions headed in Africa by Archbishop Theophile Kaboy, Bishop of the Diocese of Goma (Congo) and director of the African region of Kindu.

LDI was a partner of social campaigns such as "Trenta ore per la vita" and "Telethon" and it is one of the founders of the "Fondazione internazionale Don Luigi Di Liegro Onlus".


"We want to grow without forget to contribute to the welfare of the most disadvantaged people."







"The Logistics Group LDI for Alternation school work in Pomezia."

Pomezia, May 05th, 2016

Thursday, May 5 in the council chamber of the City of Pomezia, the Mayor Fabio Fucci, Giuseppe Bursese (on behalf of private enterprises) and Angela Gadaleta (Dean of Copernicus)
They presented the project that involves the students of Copernicus -class third, fourth and quinte- who take turns at the school teaching placements and internships in companies.
The Group Logistics LDI (LDI) has given a concrete help to the Institute, contacting and involving other companies that have factories in Pomezia.
The goal is to create a school open to the territory, attentive to the knowledge of the productive vocation, cultural and social development of the territory as well as the skills to be developed.
Why invest on education, on students and educational integration means investing in the future and the growth of the territory.
Each of the companies that have joined, have more than a dozen, will host the boys, for "teaching the things making", they will be real work experience.
The boys of Copernicus have already won several awards, stood out for the resourcefulness and ability, we want to be at their side to make it do other experiences,
give him tools to be tomorrow the foundation of this community.


Soccer 5

Sporting year 2014/2015

"The Polisportiva Rocca di Papa Football 5 ASD thanks Laziale Distribuzione SpA Official Partner sports season 2014/2015".



The traditional meeting of the Logistics Centre just outside Rome under the motto "We grow together"

The most important investment is in the people who make up the company. They are the ones who use the tools provided by the new technologies, who take care of the customers and their needs, innovating, making the company grow. The value of the person is always at the base of the business culture of the Lazio Distribution (LDI), actually sensitive to the needs and perspectives of the territory in which it operates, always in the front line with other initiatives, to be an active player in the community Pomezia.
Last June 20 was held the new edition of "Childen Day", the appointment for the families of employees of the Logistics Centre; Every year office pc and off, for the simple but important pleasure of being together in a day of early summer. A time dedicated to them, the children, because no one better than them is the meaning of 'grow', understood as the development of a community based on principles and values.
The festival, on Saturday morning, saw more than a hundred children of all ages and their parents. Games, girls who wore make-up their faces with colorful balloons and shouts of happiness for a backpack full of surprises; the right way to go to the place where working mom or dad, an event in which everyone in the company give their help to organize it.
Then the trumpets of the Sharpshooters of race, who sang along with all the national anthem, as well as to approach the small to the institutions and values ​​that are the basis of civil life. In the evening, just before the group photo, Don Enrico Fierce - Director of Caritas of Rome - thanked the employees for the invitation and recalled all the value and meaning of the concept of 'common good', a thought to be present and driving in families, in the workplace, in the places of the policy:
"Even the private company must have among its objectives the" public welfare ", creating value, first of all the work for people, Lazio Distribution is a fine example for this province."
Was also attended by Deputy Mayor of Pomezia Elizabeth Serra, is in fact the strong relationship that LDI has with the City, there are many initiatives to which the company participates to promote the development of the territory, where 'this for over thirty years , dedicated to 'grow together, to be one step ahead'.

Soccer 5

Sporting year 2013/2014

The Polisportiva Rocca di Papa Football 5 ASD thanks Laziale Distribuzione SpA Official Partner sports season 2013/2014


Recurrence March 8th was celebrated by the Management Distribution of the Logistics Group LDI

Pomezia, March 8th, 2014

LDI contributes to the donation for the disabled people to Pomezia

Pomezia, January 23rd, 2012

The Group LDI along with other realities of the territory of Pomezia participated in the purchase of a new machine equipped for the transport of disabled persons for the residents of the municipality of Pomezia. "It's a sign of gratitude for our area" so it is expressed.


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