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View the data sheet about CUSTOM WAREHOUSE logistic field

Our customs warehouse allows you to defer the payment of customs duties:

  • UNTIL of actual import



  • Reduce the imbalance between anticipation of customs duties and revenues from the sale

  • Detain the goods for a long storage of foreign states

  • Manipulations on the goods

  • Pull out fractionally the matches in storage, only against actual deliveries

  • Manage the goods of origin extra European Community

  • Return the defective or non-conforming goods to the country of origin

LDI Logistic Group offers the service of private Custom Storage for "E" category. The Custom Storage allows to store non-european goods, meeting the needs of all economics operators that work with goods whose destinations are not know in advantage. Custom storage also meets the needs of storing goods for short, middle and long periods, avoiding to charge them with local taxes and import duties.

Private Custom Warehouses are divided in different categoties (C, D and E). In deposits "C" the responsibility of goods belongs to the depositor of the goods which is identified with the depository but not necessarily the owner of the goods. The depositary is the person responsible for maintaining the stock records.

Warehouses of "D" category are different from "C" categories for taxation elements (types, custom value and quantity) to consider, when placing the goods into free circulation or for consumption, which are those recognized or allowed at the time of the placing of the goods under the customs warehousing.

Deposits of "E" category are the same as "C", but predetermining the local storage is not mandatory, even if the responsible party must indicate, at any time, the supervising customs office, the exact location of the goods (the depositary must take a stock accounts which may show the consistency of the facilities and the location of goods).

For more info:
Tel: 06 911471

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