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Your partner for the modern logistics and the supply chain..

Delegating the maximum out of the company and focused on what you do best:
"develop the product and sell it." For efficiency and increase value,
reduction in costs, competitiveness.

Adopt modern integrated logistics solutions.
The organization of the company is always in need of renewal.
We propose an outsourcing 'tailored', so you can focus on core activities and bring in the company economies of scale, efficiency, innovation, new markets and internationalization.

Come take a guided tour to our Logistics Centre.
To see first hand the new organizational models, to understand the benefits that other companies in your industry have already achieved.

A logistics platform for your complete business solutions, easy to implement.
Full integration, many personalized services to cover all stages of your business, from your suppliers to the shops; a logistics center that also offers packages e-commerce and the customs warehouse and VAT.

We offer a complete system, from raw material to your end users.
For each company an organizational model tailored.

We coordinate and collaborate with its partners: suppliers, intermediaries, wholesalers and distributors, shops, service providers or third customer.
We connect in a model-performance functions and processes inside and outside the company. To have:
INSIDE THE COMPANY: Efficiency and optimal use of resources.
OUTSIDE: Effectiveness, Service and customer satisfaction, punctuality, reliability, timeliness.

Data Sheets: Logistics and Supply Chain in pdf

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