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From 01/01/2009 LDI Logistic Group - to ensure the highest standards of service - Fuel Surcharge applies a nationally the rates of just distribution services (Professor, GD, Espresso, Intermodal, Door to Door).

The increase applied for each month is equal to 32% of the percentage change in the price of fuel than the beginning of 01/01/2009, rounded to the first decimal.

In particular, the supplement refers to the price of diesel car including taxes detected at 05/01/2009 by the European Commission amounted to € 1,022.49 as published weekly on the site

Each end of the month it will calculate the percentage change of the average prices in the previous month compared to this reference price. If this change is positive, the rate of increase as calculated above will be applied at the rates applicable in January 2009.

Example: March 30th, 2009 we will calculate the average price in February 2009 and compares it with the average reference price (€ 1,022.49), obtaining a percentage change that will be applied in billing rates in March at into force in January 2009.

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