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Logistic fields | FASHION

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Since 2003, LDI Logistic Group has specialized its activities in the field of fashion (clothing but also accessories and leather), developing an advanced and at the same time extremely flexible management system. For the management of the fashion production, LDI Logistic Group has studied a special multi-level structure of 15,000 square meters which allows the simultaneous and concentrated management on different levels of the inbound and outbound with a significant increase in terms of operating performance and significant savings in time and management costs.

LDI has reached a very high level of automation in the management of the distribution logistics of fashion, a highly complex area as the products cycle is seasonal. In order to make the whole supply chain more competitive, LDI Logistic Group adopted a quick response strategy aiming to simplify the information flows in order to encourage flexibility and speed, also considering the relocation of production outside Europe.

Among the main services developed for the fashion sector:

  • Receiving of materials from the Far East suppliers

  • Control of incoming products (integrity of packaging, wrappers, number, type etc.)

  • Storage of hanging clothes

  • Control of quality and quantity

  • National and international distribution

  • Management of returned goods

  • Labelling and relabelling

  • Kitting

  • Customized packagings

  • Rotary inventories

  • Reporting

For more info:
Tel: 06 911471

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