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"The Logistics Group LDI and HSE24 (European leader in teleshopping) celebrate the excellent results of the first five years of activity in Italy."

Pomezia, May 16th, 2016

The Teleshopping is now one of the fastest growing business sectors, with excellent future prospects, a market segment in which new media and a modern logistics and advanced respond effectively and concretely to the needs of the end consumer, improving its shopping experience from many points of view.
And in these new ways of trade logistics is a key stage, strategic to win, its good organization means "customer satisfaction", trying and if happy recovers and brings more customers.
HSE24 and LDI Logistic Group are a beautiful testimony of innovation and positive results in this area and on May 16 they celebrated together the first five years of activity in Italy. In the spaces of the office of the Logistics Group, in Pomezia near Rome, it was organized a day which saw together the staff dealing with the supply chain of the two companies, along with the top management, Nicola Gasperini and Franco Casucci (respectively CEO and Head of the Logistics HSE24), Giuseppe and Alessandro Bursese (President and General manager of LDI).
In these years HSE24 has had a continuous and significant growth, from 2011, year of the beginning of sales in Italy, has recorded increases in sales volumes of 30% year over year.
He has participated in this development a logistics provider that has been able to offer an efficient and complete service, in 2015 there were the numbers speak for themselves: almost 2 million units shipped, 100% of shipments ready in 24 hours, 95% of shipments delivered (85% in 48h), returns management with reconditioning process, arrival of products from around the world, thousands of references and sample management for TV production and Web photos. all with a technology platform that can HSE24 consult and manage in real time. (Data taken from the slide of the last year's conference, described below)
HSE24 is the leading European company in the sector of teleshopping, founded in 1995, broadcasts for 15 years in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia.
It 'a department store multi-channel via TV, Web, phone, and all possible means of contact with the public, offers high quality products to be purchased from the comfort of home or on the move. The products are delivered to the customer quickly and with an extraordinary service.
Many product categories: fitness, jewelry, beauty, wellness, household, DIY, technology, fashion and accessories.
Thanks to television studios in Rome (one of about 2,800 square meters facility with 5 sets arranged on 550 square meters, audio and video control room output, sample room, tailoring, dressing rooms and VIP standards and at least 50 working stations for TV production) offers a mode for more direct dialogue with the customer, a short chain true also for the consumer.
The Logistics Group LDI is HSE24 partners since their landing in Italy, dedicating a warehouse and operators. With extreme speed has put together a package of services and service levels to measure, which enabled to excel in customer service, to be always "more customer-oriented."


"The Logistics Group LDI for Alternation school work in Pomezia."

Pomezia, May 05th, 2016

Thursday, May 5 in the council chamber of the City of Pomezia, the Mayor Fabio Fucci, Giuseppe Bursese (on behalf of private enterprises) and Angela Gadaleta (Dean of Copernicus)
They presented the project that involves the students of Copernicus -class third, fourth and quinte- who take turns at the school teaching placements and internships in companies.
The Group Logistics LDI (LDI) has given a concrete help to the Institute, contacting and involving other companies that have factories in Pomezia.
The goal is to create a school open to the territory, attentive to the knowledge of the productive vocation, cultural and social development of the territory as well as the skills to be developed.
Why invest on education, on students and educational integration means investing in the future and the growth of the territory.
Each of the companies that have joined, have more than a dozen, will host the boys, for "teaching the things making", they will be real work experience.
The boys of Copernicus have already won several awards, stood out for the resourcefulness and ability, we want to be at their side to make it do other experiences,
give him tools to be tomorrow the foundation of this community.


"E-Commerce Forum 2016."

Milan, May 18th and 19th, 2016

The Logistics Group LDI this year will be e-Commerce Forum to be held in Milan on May 18th and 19th.

The event, which has become a reference point and now in its eleventh edition, is an excellent opportunity to update the various business sectors, not only for those who make electronic commerce.

It's a perfect blend for both B2C and B2B world, a time for networking and collaboration among different professional and business sectors.

Its formula provides an updated overview of technologies, logistics / distribution activities, communication, promotion, and to discover all the possibilities for digital growth of his business.

We will participate in the forum to E4 stand together with B2X digital company, our technology partners and primary Italian company in the eCommerce world.


"Interlaziale triumphs at first Masterchef ."

Isola Bella - Lago Maggiore, September, 2015

Interlaziale, along with other Italian and international logistics companies, participated for the first time in September 2015 at an event "atypical": the "Logistics Real Estate Master Chef".
The event was held at the magnificent setting of the restaurant Delfino, Isola Bella, one of the three islands of Lake Maggiore, undoubtedly among the most beautiful in Italy. First Chef Massimiliano Stellato Celeste, the restaurant "Il Portale Pallanza" presented the table of ingredients and gave a demonstration on the preparation of the dishes.
Afterwards guests with aprons and hats have ventured into the cooking competition. Each competitor had available a small aluminum container marked with an identification number and has prepared two dishes: a parmesan and zucchini cannelloni. While the pans were in the oven was served a lunch of typical dishes of the lake. When you have the dishes, the jury, composed of representatives of the main newspapers in the logistics sector, assessed the preparations progressing tasting. To win the top spots were Massimo Valassi (1st place) and Daniele Banfi (2nd place), both of which Interlaziale won five cups.


"E-commerce and logistics solutions. Here restarts the future."

Santa Palomba - Rome, March 19th, 2015

Presented the offer e-commerce and customs warehouses Group Distribution Logistics Lazio.
A complete platform to exploit the opportunities of new markets quickly,
to accelerate business and internationalization.
And 'e-commerce Group Distribution Logistics Lazio, the door open for a return to growth for companies of all sizes, of all Italian regions. The platform was presented during the conference "E-commerce and logistics solutions. Here again the future", organized by FederlazioLogistica, with the sponsorship of the Lazio Region, at the conference room of the Logistics Group.
A complete platform, easy to try, with variable costs adaptable to the needs of the customer and the service dideposito Customs outsourced. Already used by companies from different sectors, with positive results in terms of increased sales, process optimization, cost reduction.
One contact to manage all the services: the construction and launch of the website, the configuration and loading of the product catalog, integration of payment instruments, warehouse and logistics, the services of home delivery and customer service.
The conference had the formula "theory and practice". After the greeting of Giuseppe Bursese (President FederlazioLogistica and Lazio Distribution) and Luciano Mocci (Director General of Federlazio), before the interventions of Paul Azzali (expert in Logistics) and Roberta De Robertis (Director Interregional Customs Agency for Lazio and Abruzzo) , followed by a video about the growth potential offered by the e-commerce and the testimonies of three companies: B2X with Guido Lucarelli, HSE24 with Nicola Gasperini and Linkemcon Davide Rota. In the afternoon guided tour of the Logistics Centre LDiin full swing.

Link to the Media Coverage file
Link to the Conference’s Video held in Santa Palomba on March 19, 2015


"E-commerce + logistics solutions."

Santa Palomba - Rome, March 19th, 2015 - 10.30 a.m.

Conference: The e-commerce services and the customs purposes for the development of new sales channels and internationalization.


Laziale Distribuzione with 2BeGreen for the development of electric mobility

Rome, February 4, 2015

Part today in Pomezia the pilot project for the first installation in Italy of a 'Fast Recharge Plus' or a quick charger for electric vehicles.
Inaugurating the infrastructure were Maurizio Lupi, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Salvatore Sardo Eni, Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel, Fabio Refrigerate, Councillor for Infrastructure and Environment of the Lazio Region, Fabio Fucci, Mayor of Pomezia.
To support the project at the municipal level were together at Lazio Distribution, the five companies in the area of ​​Pomezia who promoted the project from the start of electric mobility and alternative that just in this regard have founded the association 2BeGreen, whose first act was the donation of a car electric Renault Zoe to the City of Pomezia.
The project is also the result of an agreement between Enel and Eni, with which the two leading companies in the Italian energy market have been proposed to implement an experimental program on the topic of electric mobility, through the installation of new charging infrastructure "Fast Recharge Plus "Enel at Eni service stations located along the extra-urban roads, expressways and highways, allowing motorists to use their electric vehicle also outside the cities.
The new "column Enel", allows you to charge 3 cars simultaneously both in direct and alternating current, respectively, 50 kW, 22 and 43 kW. That is compatible with all the electric cars present on the market.
From the point of view of the service, in less than half an 'now, or in time for a coffee break, and' can recharge the car, effectively doubling its range of travel.
The location on Via Pontina is strategic as the center of an important industrial center in strong interaction with the capital.
After an initial testing phase, Enel and Eni intend to proceed with other installations throughout Italy.
Meanwhile our company, along with all of those 'Association 2BeGreen, to give a clear signal and with the will to better express their willingness to environmental policies, it is equipped with a BMW I3 of the company fleet, with the hope it's the first of a modernization process increasingly environmentally sustainable.


Federlazio Logistics Category

President Giuseppe Bursese, Laziale Distribuzione S.p.A.

Rome, December 2014

In December, it was established the category "Logistics" between the sectors of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Lazio, FEDERLAZIO. The need to create this new group was born out of the need to gather under the same management, the constituent assembly elected President Joseph Bursese, companies operating in different segments of the logistics: from the warehouse management and storage transport, handling and distributing goods. The challenging goal that has set the president Giuseppe Bursese is to give greater focus and rigor to the logistics industry, one of the main productive sectors of our country, considering that the value of the turnover of the companies "Italian" Third party logistics It amounted to 77.3 billion euro in 2012 (

Japan Warehousing Association

Rome, October 24th, 2014

"The day October 24, 2014 at our. structure of the logistics hub of Santa Palomba we received a Japanese delegation headed by the President of "Japan Warehousing Association", one of the largest associations of logistics of the rising sun. The meeting was focused on the comparison between the ns. two realities "Japanese and Italian." Following the presentation of the Institutional ns. company, there was the visit to the installations and with great satisfaction we learned from our. Guests operating model adopted, thanks to our. processes and systems is in line with the parameters used by the various companies of Japan. With the chairman of the delegation, about 30 people mostly young managers and top managers, after the traditional exchange of some typical present, we have taken the commitment to involve our. associations and reciprocate the visit to Japan. It 'well known that the ns. company since its establishment in 1978, has expanded its corporate policy not only on the territory pometino but also nationally and internationally, spreading the culture of logistics and services. Even in the current period, unfortunately negative for the ns. Country and as far as we are concerned, despite the difficulties we have to overcome that periodically, the ns. plans for the future are encouraging and bode well for employment which is growing from year to year and this is a good sign for the territory."


Award "Logistic of the Year 2013" to Andrea Salustri

Milan, November 29th, 2013

"It is with great pleasure that we announce that our Andrea Salustri Assologistica Association has conferred the award of" Logistic of the year 2013 ". For all of us to Lazio Distribution ricooscimento this is a source of pride not only for the role it plays Andrea now in the company but also because he was trained with us. in the years Andrea has earned the respect and trust of everyone, management and colleagues. For Lazio Distribution is important unanimous recognition in the national. This recognition should serve as a stimulus and be shared among all of us who, as you know, we put in the middle first, the ability of each individual to achieve and improve the profession. Only then will exceed the critical moments like the present, is to strength the company andIt provides security to employees who are part and share these values."

Giuseppe Bursese

"LOG.IN. project"

Rome, June 20th, 2013


To Giuseppe Bursese the award "Master of the economy"

Rome, January 16th, 2012

Was awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome the award "Master of the economy" Administrator Group Distribution Logistic Lazio, Giuseppe Bursese. With this recognition in the LD group, the Chamber of Commerce of Rome honored the commitment of thirty years in the field of Integrated Logistics 3PL, as a point of reference in the sector nationally and internationally.

Award "Logistic of the Year 2010" to Alessandro Bursese

Rom, November 12th, 2010

November 12, 2010 in Milan Malpensa at the conference hall of the airport InfoCenter - Arrivals Area of Terminal 1 - at 10:00 am there will be the 6th edition of the THE LOGISTICS OF THE YEAR organized by Assologistica (the national association that groups operators of third party logistics) and its
Euromerci tested.
The event, which is held annually, is so far the only public recognition of logistics in Italy and is aimed at professionals, managers and academics who have contributed significantly to improving the logistics of Italian goods, intervening actively in any of the fields related to it research, innovation, training, internationalization or transport.

Award Federlazio Logistics Group LD

Rome, July 29th, 2009

In times of crisis it takes courage and a special entrepreneurial verve to continue investing, creating jobs and employment. Well aware businesses. They do not, however, evidently convinced in Federlazio, so that this year, at the annual dinner of Summer, we wanted to make their own particular about "those companies that, from September 2008 to May 2009, more than others They have come into being virtuous corporate conduct. " The traditional prize Federlazio, work created by renowned sculptor Roman Enzo Carnebianca, was then awarded for each province, to those companies that have increased employment and investments, once again betting on the future. Also among this Group Logistics LDI, which has been recognized great credit for major investments in the new logistics center of Santa Palomba - located in Rome, in the former IBM and former Celestica -, thus contributing to the welfare of the territory. "This award is an important signal of optimism at a time when the crisis is putting a strain on companies like ours," said Alessandro Bursese, general manager of Group Logistics LDI, who then added, "We have always been convinced that the success of any business is measured mainly by the positive effects that the business activity took place on the territory produces. For this reason it makes us very proud that Federlazio we wanted to assign such recognition. " LDI Logistics Group was founded in 1979 by Giuseppe Bursese as shipping company, then very soon become a real logistics operator able to offer a very wide range of differentiated and integrated logistics services. In his more than thirty years, a very wide range in the international arena and continuous investments in innovation and training have made LDI Group Logistics one of the most well-established reality logistic-distributive Italian.

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